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A Therapist’s Guide: Assisting Those with Same-Sex Attraction & Their Loved Ones

Discover the true meaning behind Same-Sex Attraction (SSA). Cohen knows this issue from both sides of the therapist’s couch—from gay client to straight counselor. He has helped hundreds of men and women, who experienced unwanted SSA, fulfill their heterosexual dreams, assisted hundreds of parents in resolving relationships with their LGBTQ+ children, and trained thousands of professional therapists and ministry leaders.

Important issues covered in this book:
  • Meaning behind Same-Sex Attraction (SSA)

  • Four-stage model of resolving unwanted SSA

  • How to assist family members and friends

  • Twelve-step program to create loving and lasting changes in the family system

“No one today has more practical, real-life experience helping individuals overcome unwanted same-sex attraction than Richard Cohen. I have applied techniques and ideas that I’ve learned from Richard with great success as I’ve worked with life-coaching clients and groups. His instruction and mentoring have been invaluable.”

—Rich Wyler, Founder of Brothers Road

“The Counselor Training Program was a tremendous help to me. It was a refreshing approach to learning the many facets of healing unwanted SSA. The opportunities acquired in the program were priceless. I recommend this to anyone at any level—seasoned therapist, new counselor, counseling student, pastor, mentor, or coach.”

—James E. Phelan, Psy.D., LCSW

Author and Psychologist

“I am so blessed to have participated in the first course for certification as a Sexual Orientation Coach. I feel it has thoroughly prepared me to deal with clients in this sensitive area. Comprehensive in scope, sensitive in approach, and detailed in methodology, this course will untangle the nuances of counseling the struggler with unwanted SSA.”

—Keith Vennum, M.D., LMH

Former President of The Alliance for

Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity

Price $14.95
—Rich Wyler, Founder of Brothers Road
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