This book if for:
1. Those who experience unwanted Same-Sex Attraction (SSA)
2. Those who have SSA loved ones
3. Therapists and ministry leaders who assist SSA men and women, and their loved ones.

Coming Out Straight, 3rd Edition, Paperback

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  • Coming Out Straight: Understanding Same-Sex Attraction is for those who struggle with uwanted same-sex attraction (SSA), those who have loved ones who experience SSA, and therapists & ministry leaders who assist SSA men and women, and their families. In this groundbreaking book, you will learn the latest reserarch about the real meaning and causes of same-sex attraction, a successful four-stage model of resolving unwanted SSA, and practical guidance for family members and friends. Powerful stories of transformation written by former clients describe how they fulfilled their heterosexual dreams! 


    Richard Cohen, former homosexual and psychotherapist, married for 35 years to his beautiful wife with 3 amazing adult-children, struggled for much of his life with unwanted SSA. He tried desperately to find professionals who understood his condition and could help him heal. Because “it was so difficult to explain myself to therapists who didn't have a clue,” Cohen eventually became a psychotherapist and developed both a ground-breaking understanding of same-sex attraction and a comprehensive treatment plan for resolving unwanted SSA. Coming Out Straight not only details Cohen’s personal journey out of homosexuality, but also recounts his experiences helping men, women and adolescents resolve their unwanted desires and fulfill their heterosexual dreams.


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    • “Richard Cohen shares his compelling personal story in which he journeys from homosexuality to a new life as husband and father. The transition has offered him valuable insights into the nature and healing of same-sex attractions.”                                                            — Joseph Nicolosi, Ph.D., Author, Reparative Therapy of Male Homosexuality


    • “This book is a testament to a heroic and successful struggle to regain one’s heterosexual identity. It gives hope to many.”                                                                                          — Charles Socarides, M.D., Author, Homosexuality: A Freedom Too Far


    • "In this self-help book, ex-gay psychotherapist Cohen writes for gays and lesbians who want to transition to heterosexuality. His comprehensive, well-written, well-organized, and heavily referenced guide views homosexuality as a symptom of disrupted affiliation with the same-sex parent and incomplete feelings of maleness/femaleness, building on the theories of Joseph Nicolosi and Elizabeth Moberly. Cohen's approach is sympathetic and rational and leans mostly on psychosocial factors, but he also assumes nondenominational religious affiliation."          —The Library Journal,Volume 126, No. 12, July 2001


    Coming Out Straight is available in Spanish, Italian, Croatian, Polish, German, and Serbian. 

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