Family Healing Session (FHS) Protocol Training

Film Series & Manual
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If you are a licensed therapist or certified coach, the Family Healing Session (FHS) protocol will transform your practice and the lives of those you serve. It will potentially save years of therapy and transform the lives of all family members. 


The Family Healing Session (FHS) is one of the most advanced and effective therapeutic modalities available in family counseling. The FHS helps create greater intimacy and loving relationships between all family members. It is extremely helpful to remove barriers that prevent healthy connection and communication between parents and children. It also supports the resolution of longstanding conflicts.

I learned about Family Healing Sessions (FHS) in June 1995 from the late Dr. Martha Welch, associate professor of clinical psychiatry at Columbia University ( I read her book, Holding Time (Simon & Schuster, 1988), contacted her, and asked if she would train me.

She invited our family to her center in Connecticut to experience a two-day FHS. It was extraordinary—helping each of us release years of hurts and pain. The bonding that occurred was transformative for my wife, myself, and our three children. Afterwards I began facilitating FHSs for my clients and their families. I often contacted Dr. Welch with questions, seeking her wise counsel and supervision. She was a wonderful mentor with helpful insights, always willing to supervise my work.


Over the past twenty-five years, I further developed the FHS protocol together with Hilde Reinold-Wiemann, a certified relationship and parenting coach. Hilde and I have softened and modified Dr. Welch’s approach, while maintaining the integrity of her protocol. Many parents have stated, “This experience was equal to and greater than several years of therapy!”

Over the pasts 25 years I have facilitated hundreds of Family Healing Sessions in the USA, Latin America, and Europe. Each FHS is truly a miracle, seeing parents and children resolve years of pent-up heartaches and pain. It is my greatest pleasure to make available the FHS Training Protocol 5-hour film series and 40-page manual for professional therapists and certified coaches, in both English & Spanish.

For your continued professional development, we will offer two trainings:


  • Process Training Protocols, i.e., psychodrama, inner child, voice dialogue, CHIP, bucketing, etc.

  • Certification as a FHS Facilitator. This will entail:

    • 1) Co-facilitating FHSs with one of our Certified FHS Therapists/Coaches

    • 2) Attend FHS webinar trainings. 


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Family Healing Session (FHS) Film Series & Manual
English & Spanish Coming Soon!


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