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Counselor Training Program MP3 and Training Manual

January 01, 2020

Once a five-day training series, this groundbreaking and comprehensive therapeutic protocol is now available in a four-part MP3 Series, accompanied by a 180-page manual. The Counselor Training Program is for therapists, clergy, ministry leaders, and coaches who wish to assist those who experience unwanted same-sex attraction (SSA) and their loved ones.

Psychotherapist, educator and author Richard Cohen has counseled and successfully helped hundreds of men and women transition from a homosexual to a heterosexual orientation over the past thirty years. Additionally, he has assisted hundreds of parents in restoring relationships with their same-sex attracted (SSA) loved ones. In this landmark training series, he shares the “how tos" of implementing these two groundbreaking protocols: 1) assisting those with unwanted SSA, and 2) helping their family members. 

Topics include:
  • Identifying what we believe are the basic causes of same-sex attraction (SSA) 

  • Developing a comprehensive four-stage treatment plan for healing

  • Successful therapeutic strategies for each stage in the treatment plan

  • Affirmations for creating a healthy sense of gender identity

  • Assisting clients in establishing healthy heterosexual friendships and mentors

  • Protocol for group therapy and support groups

  • Preparing former SSA men and women for dating

  • Working with families and the religious community

  • Twelve successful strategies for parents; how to help their SSA loved one heal

  • Taking care of the caregiver to prevent burnout 

  • How to do effective media interviews

Price $150
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Healing Your Inner Child MP3

October 2021
Discover and Recover Your Inner Child, or True Self.

These two powerful meditations will assist you in creating more peace and love in all your relationships. Used regularly, your life will change for the better:

  1. Healing Your Inner Child Meditation 1:

  2. Embracing your Inner Child

  3. Healing Your Inner Child Meditation 2:

  4. Resolving relationships

Price  $8
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