Healing Heterosexxuality: Time, Touch and Talk (TTT) is a revolutionary new book that will help you and your family resolve issues and fulfill unmet love needs. TTT contains exercises that will help you achieve greater love and intimacy in all personal and professional relationships.


Why do heterosexuals need healing:


- Every 13 seconds a couple is getting divorced.

- Pornhub, the world's largest Internet porn site, had over 42 billion views in 2019, which means 115 million views per day! 

- Pastor, priests, politicians, movie stars, Hollywood moguls and business tycoons are being exposed daily for abusing children, adolescents and adults.


We are all hurting and in need of love. TTT is a ground-breaking book to help you discover and recover your heart, and a blueprint how to fulfill your true potential and desires. Money back guarantee! 

Healing Heterosexuality: Time, Touch & Talk

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