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Richard Cohen releases
groundbreaking children's book
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Children's book to change the world

Rich’s Home is the story about a young boy who experiences hurt in his family and at school. With the help of a counselor, Rich learns how to resolve the relationships with his family and friends. By setting love in order, Rich finds real hope and healing, ultimately marrying the right woman and creating a beautiful family. This book will give hope to many.  


“Richard Cohen’s book presents to any responsible teacher, parent, and leader the opportunity to give our children a new look at their sexuality in the midst of controversy. Rich’s Home is most definitely a vitally needed book for our children and for our school systems throughout America.” 

Dr. Thomas L. Brown

Former Indianapolis School Commissioner 


Rich’s Home is a beautiful and brilliant children’s book that will bring hope to many children confused about their sexuality. A must read!” 

Elizabeth Goldberg

Elementary School Teacher 

PATH is a non-profit that believes in traditional family values based upon time-honored Biblical principles.

Our main goal is to promote healthy sexuality. 

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