Finally answers to every question you have ever had about homosexuality: 

- Are people born “gay”?
- If not, what causes people to have gay feelings?
- Why is the Gay Rights Movement so powerful?
- What can I do to change things in my church and community?

All these questions and many more are answered in this must-read book.

Straight Talk About Homosexuality

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  • Everything you ever wanted to know about homosexuality, but were afraid to ask, all contained in one book! 


    Straight Talk About Homosexuality is the only book available that provides practical solutions to the homosexual issue. Included are the strategies and motivation of the Gay Rights Movement; the real science about homosexuality, and lessons how to help all LGBT men and women fulfill their innate heterosexual potential.  


    Learn why Rosie O’Donnell, Greg Louganis, Melissa Ethridge and other celebrities are gay. You won’t be able to stop listening or put the book down! Get your copy today while they last…


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  • 1 – Brief History of the Gay Rights Movement

    2 – Homosexuality: Born, Bred, or Both?

    3 – Clues Why Five Celebrities Experience Same-Sex Attraction (SSA)

    4 – Words that Hurt / Wounds that Heal

    5 – Loving Those with SSA the Right Way