How do you assist your same-sex attracted child fulfill his or her true potential?

How can you maintain your values and beliefs, while embracing your son or daughter who may be living a homosexual life? How do you deal with all the guilt, shame, hurt and pain?


Our Parents Classes are led by a remarkable husband and wife who dealt with all these issues, and helped their “gay” identified son fulfill his true potential. Today their son is married to his beautiful wife. Change is possible!

You will work through the steps in Gay Children, Straight Parents: A Plan for Family Healing. 

Class Topics Include:


•  Methods for proper self-care.

•  Developing a network of support for yourselves and your child.

•  Understanding the causes of your child’s same-sex attractions (SSA).

•  Learning to establish new patterns of bonding between parents and children.

•  Discovering your child's love language.

•  Healing wounds of the past and meeting basic love needs.

•  Developing successful communication skills.

•  Creating a treatment plan that will help you achieve your ultimate goals.


Time:        8:00 - 9:30pm EST


Dates:       First Tuesday of every month  


Where:     Video conferencing 


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