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Over the past 30 years psychotherapist, educator, and author Richard Cohen has traveled throughout the USA, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East training professional therapists and ministry leaders how to assist those dealing with gender identity and sexual orientation issues. Now Cohen begins to share about his new book Healing Heterosexuality: Time, Touch and Talk. There are solutions to all sexual issues, and Richard Cohen has solutions that work for everyone. 

Healthy Sexuality Conferences


Learn the root causes of all sexual issues, and practical solutions to bring greater fulfillment individually and relationally. Book a Healthy Sexuality Conference today in your place of worship or therapeutic agency. 



Counselor Training Programs/ Monthly Consultations


Our remarkable Counselor Training Program (CTP) was developed to assist men and women who are conflicted about their sexuality. Our CTP is used by thousands of therapists, ministry leaders, and coaches worldwide. Learn more about our successful program and montly consultations




Speaking Engagements


Today psychotherapist Richard Cohen is expanding his teaching to the next level:


  • Time

  • Touch

  • Talk


Learn more about this revolutionary new approach to healthy touch in human relations.

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